Friday, August 15, 2008

The future of history research

Timeline is the obvious view for exploring historical events. How about comparing timelines in parallel?

We are all accustomed to viewing timelines. It gets more complicated, yet intriguing, to compare timelines. Imagine comparing your own life timeline, with a timeline of historical events of your country, or simply to a timeline of your favorite sports team. With AllofMe, that's exactly what you will be able to do, but much more.

Here is a nice example, where you can compare the timelines of the winter vs. summer Olympic games. That's an obvious one. It's quite interesting, though, as these timelines fit each other like piano keys. but there are less intuitive comparisons, almost never being possible to view until now. How about comparing the The history of art vs. architecture? This is a less obvious comparison. It mashes up between two forms of art, yet it enables us exploring history from a cultural viewpoint. Go back to 1957 and compare Van Der Rohe's Seagram building with Rothko's "Red, Brown and Red" painting. Did these two guys ever meet each other? Surely it seems that their work did...