Sunday, September 14, 2008

Manage your contacts in AllofMe

One of AllofMe's great features is the ability to share assets between friends. For doing this, you first need to invite friends to use AllofMe. Once they approve your invitation, you should manage your contacts in groups - and the sharing fun begins!

To manage your groups, simply click on "My Network" (above the Timeline). The group management panel will open:

From now on, it's very simple: You select a group from the list, select user/s from the left pane and then assign the selected user/s to a group from the dropdown list on the right. You can create new groups and remove groups and users. There are two special groups, which have an assigned functionality: "Pending" - lists all the users that you invited, but still didn't approve your invitation. "Not in group" - lists all users that you haven't assigned a group yet. For example, your brother Danny requested you to be his friend in AllofMe. You approved his request and now Danny appears as "Not in group". Normally you want to assign Danny to your Family group.