Saturday, December 13, 2008

Server crash recovery

We would like to apology for being down this weekend and for some data loss, resulting from a server failure. We are working hard to restore our system, and will keep updating this post about the results. Please read more for full details.

First, we would like to apology for a serious downtime experienced yesterday. We are working hardly to restore our system, but unfortunately some data cannot be recovered. Please contact us at info[at] if you have any requests regarding this downtime or data loss. We are still in Beta, and unfortunate failures like this do happen though we try, of course, to minimize the damage.

Here are the complete details:
Our main server, hosted in the US, suffered a severe failure, which called for a complete hardware change. As a result, AllofMe was down for more than 24 hours. After we got a new server, we needed to restore data from the old one. At that point we discovered that some data was lost during backup. Our engineers are now working around the clock trying to restore the missing data.

There are some other issues that still need fixing:
- Emailing system (beta invitations) is not fully recovered.
- Twitter and Flickr cannot authorize at this point.
- Asset links inside widgets sometime don't work.

We will keep updating this post. Please feel free to leave comments about other issues.

Again, please accept our sincere apology!

The AllofMe Team


naovouporai said...

any idea when things are going back to normal?

(i know that the data i lost you can't do a thing about it... i lost a few days, but hey, i guess i can get them back)

still no twitter authorization, and i can't even get into my allofme space now.

Tal Yaniv said...


We will check that. Still having problems connecting to Twitter - they changed their code...

naovouporai said...

sooo... what's going on with allofme ? can't login into my account again.

Are you guys in trouble? Hope all is well on your side :)